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7 Things To Do In The Tasman Peninsula

Tasmania is an intriguing mix of landscape, architecture, wildlife, and even lifestyle. The Tasman Peninsula located in the southeast is known for its spectacular coastal scenery, cliffs, beautiful bays, and ocean. A lot of people visit the Tasman Peninsula and there is so much to see and do here that includes a lot of natural attractions that don’t burn a hole in your wallet.
During the visit, you can find plenty of accommodations that suit all budgets, but it deserves a few days to properly explore. Let’s take a look at the 7 things you need to do on your visit to the Tasman Peninsula:

1) Port Arthur Historic Site:

Port Arthur Historic Site is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic sites and is one of 5 world heritage listed convict sites in the state. This is known to be one of the earliest convict settlements in Australia (the 1800s) and is now officially Tasmania’s most visited tourist attraction. Visitors require a ticket to enter the site, which includes both walking and a harbour cruise tour.

2) Tasmanian Devil Unzoo:

This wildlife park is a haven for Tasmanian Devils (Tassie Devils) which is an endangered species. Along with the devils you also get to see kangaroos, wallabies, possums, pademelons, quolls, and some native birds.

3) Hike the Three Capes Track:

This is one of Tasmania’s top hiking trails. This 48 km trek on the Tasman Peninsula takes almost 4 days & draws the attention of visitors with its scenic views of the rugged Tasmanian coastline and the Pacific Ocean.

4) Port Arthur Lavender Farm:

If you love lavenders, then it’s a must-visit to these vibrant purple lavender fields. With endless rows of lavender grown beside a reflective lake, this farm is one hell of beauty in the summer (December to February) to see the full bloom.

5) Tasman Arch and the Devils Kitchen:

The Tasman Arch is a natural land bridge over the remains of a collapsed cave & the devils’ kitchen is a deep trench between two towering cliffs. Both the attractions are spectacular and can be observed from a coastal overlook.

6) Eaglehawk Neck & Tessellated Pavement:

Eaglehawk Neck is a narrow isthmus joining the Tasman Peninsula to the rest of the Tasmania region and the Tessellated Pavement is a rock platform formed from erosion that took place over millions of years.

7) Tasman Peninsula Cruise:

Seeing the beauty of the Tasman Peninsula along with the water cliffs and waterfalls is an even more exciting way to experience the rugged and beautiful coastline.

Final Thoughts:

From budget hotels to self-contained cottages, camping, hiking, natural attractions, lovely beaches, beautiful rock formations, lush green forested areas, vineyard cafes, fruit farms, this awe-inspiring region together offers nature, adventure, and history.
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